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I have a few other friends who’ve named their instruments, too: a violinist who named her violin Fabio, another violinist who named hers Mr. Darcy and a violist friend who named her viola Vladimira. I have another friend who named his cello Valentia, but he claimed that it was a male cello. dildos As OhImpecuniousOne […]

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By the time you’ve seen your billionth spruce tree, you’re ready for a change of scenery. Ontario’s forests give way to the farms of Manitoba and land so flat that the horizon sometimes merges with the sky. After so much emptiness, it almost comes as a shock to see the Winnipeg skyline (below). But we […]

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So 1 part knox gelatin and 2 parts water. And then for the strip part you use a piece of paper. The post it paper works best for me because it doesn’t tend to rip as easy as other papers. I even had the pleasure of meeting up with Beppie in Europe last winter, and […]

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The Minnesota Vikings entered the NFL in 1961, but probably could come up with some line of descent that dates to a late 19th or early 20th century city football team. In the 24 seasons from 1895 to 1918, there were at least five where Green Bay had no team and another four where a […]

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So we wore black the rest of the playoffs and never even brought the greens to Red Deer (on the way to 17 straight victories). That was too funny. What do you have to do when a trade happens?. Thursday the department took us to Aberfoyle to climb trees and stuff. I made my presentation […]

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O was appointed to theNew Jersey Biotechnology Task ForcebyGovernor Chris Christie.”I am delighted to join Punit and the Company at this important time and look forward to guiding the continued development of its strong, intratumoral pipeline,” said Dan O “I am eager to work with our Board, senior management and the entire organization to execute […]

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Barlow (Foreword), Paul M. Lehrer (Editor), Robert L. Woolfolk (Editor), Wesley E. LT Rees Odhiambo was a full participant in Friday’s practice and should be able to start Sunday against the Rams after suffering a chest injury against the Colts that required an overnight hospital stay for observation after he had breathing trouble in the […]

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Gold medal dreams have been dashed for Team USA and Buffalo Sabres prospect Will Borgen. The Americans had a 1 0 lead over Russia but dropped a 2 1 decision in the semifinals of the IIHF World Junior Championship in Finland on Monday. Plays Sweden for the bronze medal on Tuesday. cheap jerseys And you […]

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Setting up a youth baseball team? Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the importance of youth baseball uniforms. wholesalejerseyscheap2u Kids love to wear their uniforms and team logo with pride. The camaraderie and team spirit that can be generated by the team uniform can be a priceless addition to the team’s success. cheap nfl jerseys […]

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Attacks continued, with Uran getting away briefly and getting chased down by Kwiatkowski. Martin went away, followed and joined by Simon Yates, again Kwiatkowski was the one working to chase them down, but they stayed away to the finish and the eventual gap to Landa’s group was just under two minutes. The question remains, why […]